Joint Winners Announced for 2016/17 Award

The Trustees of the Jonathan Speirs Scholarship Fund are delighted to announce this year there are two winners of the 2016/17 award: Eleanor Connolly of the Royal College of Art, London and Martyna Marciniak of the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London. Chairman John Roake met with them last week to present them with their medals.

While the two winning scholars showed strengths in different areas, they both conveyed equally high levels of passion and creativity and showed a clear understanding of the importance of light in architectural design. They were also keen to explore the influence of light on human perception and emotion.

Eleanor will be using the scholarship to complete her thesis and bring some of her ideas to reality, in collaboration with the Grymsdyke Farm – a research facility, workshop and living space for creatives. Martyna plans to use the scholarship to fund the required models and prototypes for her final architectural projects as part of her studies, and subsequently to subsidise a period of internship at a firm in the lighting industry.

Congratulations Eleanor and Martyna!